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France / New York 


Current Freelance Position   

Film Director at Cracking Up In 5 (NYC)
Coming short film Spring 2020   

Producer Associate at The C.U.R.B (NYC)
Development of the channel "The C.U.R.B"


Director, Videographer, Editor at Nalanda Institute (NYC)
Production of Educational Videos

Videographer / Editor of events and classes

Camera Operator at MixMag LAB (NYC)
Performances Live Streaming 


Louie Vega 

Video Content Producer at Izquierdo Studio (NYC)
Commission feature documentary "The Children of Izquierdo" 

Director of Photography and Editor

Social Media Content   

Film Director at A Little Bit Weird (NYC)
Production of music video 2019 - 2020

Directing, filming and editing

Video Editor, Motion Graphic Teacher at Association Jewish Community (NYC)

Sound Editor at Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels (NYC) 
Podcast Audio

Apple Podcast  


Video Editor at FRANK151 (NYC)
Editing for website and YouTube channel 

Video Editor at Blend Pictures (NYC)
Selects for content 

Editing of short videos for use of website and social media



Film Editor at Knot Film Productions (NYC)

Editing of feature documentary "The Beholder of the Eye" and "We Are Now In Greece" 


Past Freelance Position   


Creative Production Assistant at Pepsi (NYC)
Commercial for LIFEWTR 

Documentary Editor at Zeno Productions (NYC)

Editing of the short film "BTS of Ready to Ride: A Musical" dir. by Michael Randa Parks

Camera Assistant, Editor at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute (NYC)

Videotaping classes and short films from students

Editing events 

A/C Technician of the school  

Assistant Editor at Zeno Productions (NYC)

Selects and edits of the feature film "Ready to Ride: A Musical" dir. by Michael Randa Parks

Animator at Evolving Traxs (NYC)


Assistant Art Director for the TV Show "Insomnia" (NYC)
Dir. Michelle Cutolo 


Camera Assistant at MSF/Doctors Without Borders USA (NYC)
Including Video Editor, Motion Graphic Designer and Sound Operator

Who Works For MSF?

Director, Shooter, Editor for short documentary 

A Fair Shot

Video Editor at Association of Music Producers (NYC)

Director of Photography/ Camera Assistant at Freelance (NYC)
Being Like Jane

Dir. Cait Carvalho 

Chitsu Shazai 

Dir. Richard Kennedy


Dir. Josh Eisenberg


Video Editor and Motion Graphic Designer at SciQ/The Young Turks (NYC)


Director, Videographer, Editor at TEAMBACKPACK (USA)
Mad Squablz - Five Deadly Venoms