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France / New York 

Collectif Productions has been envisioned by the artist filmmaker and multimedia producer Marine Gabrielle Brun-Franzetti.

Marine Gabrielle Brun-Franzetti has written, produced and directed several short films and documentaries, music videos and commercials for clients and artists worldwide. She recently completed her MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College / City University of New York and received a double BA in Art History and Art Management from Paris La Sorbonne between 2009-2013. 

Cinema is a way for Marine to express her fantasies under the prism of absurd humor and metaphor. Fascinated by negative spaces and unusual framing, she envisions creative visuals using Art Theory and History to transform Cinema into a specific playground with no limits. Frequently inspired by the future, the younger generation is her main topic. She is currently writing a script about climate change and how the Youth would find a way to protect their land. 

​In addition to filmmaking, she is also a visual artist and activist and uses video and photography to extend her artistic practice to promote awareness around themes of climate change and environmental concerns. She has curated several exhibitions with artists and filmmakers in New York City around these themes including “Before There Is No More” and “Designated”. 



Best Screenplay for the short film "The Revolution Of Plastic", Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute's 2019 Film Festival, New York City (USA)




"The Revolution Of Plastic", The Lift-Off Sessions, London (UK)


"The Revolution Of Plastic”, Arctic Open, Pomerania (Russia) 

"The Revolution Of Plastic”, London Eco Film Festival, London (UK)

"The Revolution Of Plastic”, Designated, Sunview Luncheonette, New York City (USA) 

"The Hopefuls", Zlaty Voci festival, Prague (Czech Republic)

“The Revolution Of Plastic”, Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute's 2019 Film Festival, New York City (USA)

“The Hopefuls”, Dadasheb Phalke International Film Festival Award 2019, Mumbai (India)


“The Hopefuls”, The Inshort Film, Lagos (Nigeria)

“Before There Is No More.” with Karla Sutra, Before There Is No More., New York City (USA)

“The Hopefuls”, Semi-Finalist, A Rebel Minded Festival, New York City (USA)

“The Hopefuls”, Evolving Traxs events, New York City (USA)

“Bitches”, Cefalu Film Festival, Cefalu (Italy)

“The Hopefuls”, Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute's 2018 Film Festival, New York City (USA)

“The Hopefuls”, UNT Media Arts Festival, Texas (USA)

“The Hopefuls”, Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami (USA)


“Bitches”, Semi-Finalist, Les Films de la Toile, Paris (France)

“Bitches”, International Film selection, AFC Global Fest, Calcutta (India)

“Bitches”, Borough Community College Film Festival Fall, New York City (USA)

“THE PHOTOGRAM AS PERSONAL RECORD”, The Autumn Film Festival, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow (Russia)

“The Post-Trumpatism, Four Years Of Resistance”, Resistance, Transformation and Movements, Videology, Brooklyn (USA)




"Recipes Of Culinary Tragedies”, Designated, Sunview Luncheonette, New York City (USA) 

"Culinary Tragedies", The C.U.R.B Banquet, Swale House of Governors Island, New York City (USA)



“Recipes Of Culinary Tragedies”, Before There Is No More., TBA, New York City (USA)

“Recipes Of Culinary Tragedies”, Before There Is No More., The Refuge, New York City (USA)


“Bitches,” CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium, Biennale de Venice, Venice (Italie)

“Recipes Of Culinary Tragedies”, Activating the Urban Campus, The Photographers Collective, New York City (USA)

“Spring in My Fridge”, Time, Spring Photo Show, Hunter College, New York City (USA)